Made in Italy. A story of craftsmanship, a story of Pipaton.

Bridging traditional craftsmanship with unique contemporary designs, Pipaton handbags with their daring and unconventional forms are engineered in collaboration among teams of specialists. Each component of our handbags is impeccably designed and dedicatedly crafted.

From working with innovative artificial leather to maintaining the Pipaton design while being practically functional, we work with Italian artisans who bring with them the passion and knowledge of traditional techniques including quilting and webbing in handbag craftsmanship.

The nature of handcrafts gives that each bag is unique in its own way. Artisans incorporate their own intuition and emotion in each Pipaton handbag, while maintaining the utmost attention to detail. At Pipaton, we celebrate that no two handbags are completely identical.

Outside of Florence lies the hub of luxury handbag production, where heritage marries modernity. The birthplace of Pipaton handbags not only empowers us with exquisite handcraftsmanship, but also inspires our designs with shape, lines, frames and emotions.